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Mr. Fragile is a stop-motion animation about a creature made of wooden blocks. Mr. Fragile enjoys sleeping, drinking coffee, and going for walks. One day he loses his tooth and decides to go to the dentist. See the full animation here.

Editorial Illustration for the New York Times  Op-Ed article about scientists tracing who is responsible for climate change. Illustration was shortlisted in World Illustration Awards.
Instant Smile  I wonder how many times we fake the smile for the camera, just to show we are okay. It’s okay to be sad! And it’s okay to be happy. Take care!

Wakey Wakey. It's time to wake up! Everyone has a morning routine. Don't we? See the full animation here.
The animation was chosen for the 11th AI/AP International Motion Art Awards.

Visual Identity for the weekly popular science meetings at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Warsaw more
Visual Identity for the Type Directors Club exhibition in Warsaw, Poland more

Editorial Illustration for the article about the literature written during epidemics throughout the history. I printed certain fragments of the books mentioned in the article for example "Plague" by Albert Camus, and I created mask out of it.  

The Glitchy Robot personal project,  experimental stop motion animation. First, I created my own sound and after that based on the music, I did an improvisational animation from the wood pieces I laser cut before. Watch the full animation here.

Music Poster for the Polish Band "Gaja".
Valentine Animated Card based on the song 
by Nat King Cole “LOVE”, click here
Christmas Cover for the Bulletin of the Polish Mathematical Society.

"Locomotive" Bilingual Movable Book for Children with Augmented Reality
As a part of my BA  Diploma in Communication Design I created a movable book based on a poem "Locomotive"  by a Polish writer Julian Tuwim. Each of the "carriages" contains an augmented reality animation where a child can click on an object and hear it in Polish and in English. For more click here.